Apeks MTX R

Regulator 1st Stage



  • Apeks MTX R


Mechanism type

Diaphragm or Piston

  • Diaphragm

Balance type

Balanced or unbalanced

  • Balanced

Body material

Material used in constructing the regulator's body, such as 'Marine-Grade Brass', 'Titanium', 'Stainless Steel', or 'Aluminum'

  • Satin chrome
  • Elastomer incorporates a formed chrome plated brass plate

Environmental seal

Specifies if the regulator includes a seal to guard against dirt and freezing for reliable performance in demanding environments

  • Over-moulded innovative end cap and environmental diaphragm.

Nitrox compatibility

Indicates whether the regulator is compatible with enriched air Nitrox, specifying the maximum oxygen percentage it can safely handle for diving

  • Up to 40% O2

Cold water suitable

  • Yes


  • 3 lb
  • 1.36 kg (converted)


Type and number of ports

Valve connection type

Yoke or DIN tank connection

  • Yoke and DIN

Low pressure ports

The number of low-pressure ports on the regulator, used for connecting hoses to the primary and alternate air sources, BCD inflator, and other dive accessories

  • 5

High pressure ports

The number of high-pressure ports on the regulator, designed for connecting submersible pressure gauges (SPGs), transmitters for air-integrated dive computers, and other high-pressure monitoring devices

  • 2

Swivel turret

A rotating mechanism for flexible hose routing and diver comfort

  • Yes

Product No

  • RG122129


Decription provided by the manufacturer (facts, technical description)

  • Combining rugged, military grade engineering with the super-smooth breathing experience that Apeks regulators are renowned for, the MTXRC is the regulator that dives your way. Featuring the same freez... More

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