Data Entry Guidelines

Adding a new product

  • Click “Add product” in the profile sidebar.

Example image:

Add product example


  • Click “Add product” in the search dropdown.

Example image:

Add product in search bar example
  • Select the appropriate category and add the product title.

Example image:

Create product screenshot

Product title should consist of:

Brand name + product name + category name (optional) + additional information in brackets (optional).
First letter of the brand and product name should be uppercase.
Additional information/specifications should be lowercase, singular, separated by commas in the parentheses.

  • Mares M-Flex Wetsuit (woman, 1mm)
  • Scubapro Jet Sport Fins (open heel)
  • Aqualung Wave (junior, hooded jumpsuit, 5mm)
  • Scubapro Bella BCD (1st generation)

When creating a product, ensure that the same product does not already exist. You will see suggestions for same and similar products in the dropdown.

Entering data

Edit page

If you wish to contribute to the product page, click "Edit Page" at the top or bottom of the page. Then, click "Add Information" or "Add Row" if you want to add new information. Click the pencil icon if you wish to edit existing information.

Accuracy first

Enter only factual information provided by the manufacturer. Do not include personal opinions or subjective judgments. Keep it accurate and clear. Only include facts, and avoid any promotional material from the brand.

Brand name

Select the brand name from the dropdown. If it does not exist, create a new one. The first letter of each word in the brand should be capitalized, except for abbreviations, which can be fully capitalized. For example, "OMS" should be in all uppercase because it stands for Ocean Marine Systems.

New information - new row

For clarity and ease of reading, enter information on separate rows. Use a new row for each piece of information instead of using commas.

Example: If an item is made of two or more materials, for example, "Rubber" and "Stainless steel", list each material on its own row to improve readability.

Example image:

New row example

Not applicable

If a specific field does not apply to a particular product, you can select this option (“not applicable”). This will disable data entry for that field, and users will see "not applicable" displayed in the table. (For example “Strap type” would be “not applicable” for full foot fin).

Example image (view mode):

Not applicable view mode screenshot

Example image (edit mode):

Not applicable edit mode screenshot


In each field, you can add an additional comment if it provides useful information, extra details, or a specific exception.

Example image (view mode):

Comment view mode screenshot

Example image (edit mode):

Comment edit mode screenshot

Add new field

If you think that a specific information field is missing in the product page, you can create a new field by clicking “Add new field” at the bottom left of the table. You can choose from the suggested fields in the dropdown, but if you don't find the one you need, please create a new one.

Example image:

Add new field


Certain fields will have option to "Add group label". You can group items together under a label to make it easier to read and understand. Label grouping can be used for sizes, materials.

Example image (view mode):

Grouping label view mode screenshot

Example image (edit mode):

Grouping label edit mode screenshot


Please do not upload professional photos provided by manufacturers. Choose authentic, real-life pictures. Provide accurate description of an image for accessibility purposes and provide image url if you do not own the picture.