About AllThings

When was AllThings created?

AllThings was feature-wise created in 2023. However, considering its open and community-curated nature, one might say it was just born in 2023, with an ongoing creation process indefinitely.

Who created AllThings?

People behind AllThings:

What is the mission of AllThings?

The mission of AllThings is to provide accurate and comprehensive information about products across various industries. Brands and manufacturers are committed to crafting high-quality products that meet specific needs and standards. These organizations focus on producing reliable items that, depending on the industry, may be critical to safety and performance. While some brands excel at presenting their product details, not all allocate substantial resources to standardizing and simplifying access to technical information. This can make it challenging to find consistent details, especially for products that are no longer in production or are less well documented. AllThings understands these challenges and strives to fill in these informational gaps, making it easier for consumers and professionals to access the data they need.

How does AllThings work?

AllThings operates on the principles of a wiki - anyone can contribute to or correct any product information. In addition to that, industry experts can verify that the information is correct. Since we are dedicated to making content freely accessible to the public, the content you contribute is made available under a free license or released into the public domain. We do not take an editorial role, and instead, contributors are responsible for their edits and contributions. Learn how you can become an expert.